Should Video Games be considered a Sport?

Video gaming is gaining unprecedented popularity across the globe. It is one of the best past time activities in the entertainment industry. With the increased use of mobile devices and improved internet accessibility, the field of e-sports is experiencing a remarkable upsurge. To learn more about video gaming, and how it is becoming a legitimate sport, visit

When most people hear the word “sport,” they think of the following:

  • College scholarships
  • Athletic ability
  • Dedication and practice
  • Competition
  • Entertainment and fans
  • Wins and losses
  • Physical ability
  • Arenas, fields, and stadiums
  • ESPN coverage

A few years ago, calling video gaming a sport would have led to hearty laughter and ridicule from most people. Today, many of them have a different opinion. Video game competitions are filling arenas, with thousands of diehard fans cheering on their favorite gamers. In terms of the points listed above, video gaming checks most of the required boxes.

Physical Exertion

E-sports are any type of video game played on a competitive and professional level. Many people, however, are debating whether video gaming is similar to any other type of sport, such as cricket, football, baseball, or basketball. Some insist that since it does not involve much physical exertion, it is not a legitimate sport.

This idea, however, is somewhat incomplete. Video gaming requires responsiveness, mental focus, and coordination. It also involves some physical exertion, though not as much as other physical sports. Imagine sitting on a chair for hours on end and working the joystick or pressing the buttons during a marathon gaming session. Naturally, your body will experience fatigue and strains.

Competitiveness and Fandom

The competitive nature of video gaming is surprisingly high. The clash between the best video gamers brings out intense competition, which is one of the major driving forces. Even when playing against a virtual player, an individual gamer will still give it his/her all. When it comes to the fan base, there is no disputing the fact that video gaming is very popular. It is slowly dominating the online entertainment industry.

According to studies by, gamers between the ages of 18 and 25 years are spending almost three and a half hours every week watching other gamers do their thing. According to a 2018 article posted in the Wall Street Journal, e-sports competitions and live streams attracted more than 250 million unique viewers. Video gaming is a great option for enthusiasts to pursue. The best gamers in the world make millions of dollars each year, just like the most successful professional athletes.

Training, Dedication, and Practice

At one time or another, like most people, you probably played video games. It is difficult, therefore, to think that you actually participated in a sport. After all, you were probably doing it while sitting on your bed or couch in your pajamas. The point to note is that you can engage in different levels of a specific activity, including different levels of proficiency and skill.

For example, painting one picture will not make you an artist. However, if you practice, improve your painting skills, dedicate adequate time, and paint often, you will probably become a good artist. The same applies to video gaming. You need to practice and dedicate the time needed to become a professional gamer.

Some of the top gamers even go through strength and physical training to avoid common injuries such as tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. They also train to improve their coordination, responsiveness, and focus.

Therefore, it is right to consider video gaming a legitimate sport. In fact, some educational institutions are fielding e-sport teams and awarding scholarships to skilled gamers to fill those teams. The narrative is changing when it comes to how people consider e-sports nowadays. For the millions of fans tuning in to watch and the highly skilled gamers out there, video gaming is a real sport.

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