IBM Verse: Seven things you can do with IBM Verse Mail

This is an era in which email application has got popular with users. In such times of technological innovation, IBM has come up with an exclusive service by name of IBM verse. It provides basic emailing features and also collaborates with other multiple services like cloud, mobile technology and analytics.

What exactly is IBM verse?

IBM has come up with a special application and helps employees in any organization share email, calendars, social connections and messages amongst them.

Email login with this application

Users can access IBM verse by the creation of an account. The free version of this IBM verse application is available for a period of 60 days and post this; users can explore the features and buy the licensed version.

Things that can be done with the application

A range of innovative things can be done with this application:

  1. Updating and sharing status

Similar to many other social media applications, updating status and posting the same on the profile can be done with IBM verse. The home page that has been associated with the profile displays the recent posts and status of people who follow the user. This is like other social media platforms such as Facebook.

  1. Can use the Email feature

This application enables the user to access and manage their IBM verse email account. The users here will be in a position to use emailing features. They can manage the emails into different folders like inbox, drafts, sent and follow up. The follow-up feature in this set up is a new innovation in which the user can see the mail marked in red with a star in the follow-up folder. Priority to these emails can be given.

  1. Can use Calendar feature

Here the users will be able to maintain the calendar by putting in entries to different events and appointments. The users will be able to create multiple events and set reminders for the same. In short, this feature is likely to make life more organized for users.

  1. Can find different contacts

With the help of contact management feature contacts can be found and added in the following manner:

All contacts

As the name indicates, it specifies the contacts that are available in the list. Users can search under this head for My Contacts and My Network.

Through Invitations

Under the invitation head, users can search for contacts through the name of the organization. This will enlist all the contacts from the specified organization.

Through Organization

Contacts can be searched by the name of the organization also. This feature will enlist all contacts from the organization specified.


In this column, the user can search for the contacts whom they are following.


People who are following the user can be searched through this feature.

My Group

The specific group can be searched through this feature to view contacts that have been included.

  1. Can manage or follow IBM  Community

Users today interact through the social world and this feature allows them to manage and follow multiple communities. The community can be chosen as per the interest so that updates can be received.

The feature has numerous tabs including:


This helps the users to create a new community that brings like-minded people on a common platform.


This helps in getting updates from the community which is followed by the user.


This displays all the communities which the user is following.


In this tab, communities, where the user has been invited to, are listed.

Organization Communities

This tab indicates all that communities that are managed by the organization.

These communities can, however, be created for the organization in which the user is working. This helps in maintaining the privacy of the organization.

  1. Apps make life interesting

This application is known to contain different apps which add an element of fun to the users’ life. Through the use of these apps, the user can manage multiple things including:


The assigned activities of the organization can be viewed. The status of completed activities is also available here. Activities can also be prioritized as high and medium here.


Through this feature, files stored on the cloud can be shared with the users. These files can be categorized and uploaded under different heads like community files, organization files, etc.


Through this feature, the user can create a meeting and add up to 200 members who share a common interest.

  1. Makes life easy and manageable

People today are busy with their professional work. In such tedious times, platforms like IBM verse create a common platform where managing things gets relatively easy and multiple functions can be performed under a common head.

This application from IBM, therefore, helps employees communicate with each other in a better manner. Check it out and make your life organized.


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